BRET MICHAELS Chooses Ambre On “Rock of Love 2” Season Finale

April 13, 2008

In a bit of a suprise, BRET MICHAELs of 80’s hair metal legends POISON, chose 37 year-old Chicago native Ambre Lake over Daisy De La Hoya in the season 2 ROCK OF LOVE finale. I bulletined a poll on Myspace a few hours before the show and feedback favored Ms. De La Hoya by a huge margin.

Unofficial “It’s A Thrall World” Poll:

Who do you think Bret will select for his wonderful harem this evening?

A. Daisy De La Hoya
B. Ambre Lake
C. Bret Michaels should pick *insert your name*
D. Bret Michaels can suggit
E. Whatever happened to Riki Rockett and the rape charges

Most of the comments received dissed Ambre as too old, boring, and wouldn’t be able to put up with Bret cheating on tour. I did think it was a bit funny how Daisy kept upping the age on Ambre Lake every time she brought it up. Here’s the results.

A. Daisy: 47
B. Ambre: 6
C. 9
D. 7
E. 11

Daisy fans take note: Metal Sludge has done their magic with a 20 questions with thee De La Hoya. Read it HERE.

Finally, in the reunion show next week, it looks like Daisy and Heather from Season 1 get into a bona fide knock-down hair-pulling catfight. Which should make for some fantastic television viewing for all.



  1. I finally understand!
    It is a new version of the game ‘Find the Difference’!

  2. lol

  3. I think your really really HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!
    Destiny Gabel

  4. Bret Michaels is one of the best musicians out there. He knows everything there is to know about performing, and deserves anything he can get for his effort. Keep rockin on!

  5. you are sooo hott…:))

  6. Bret era un cuero en sus tiempos… esperen lo sigue siendo, adoro a Bret y si alguna de esas mujeres le rompe el corazon otra vez no se va a acabar con nadie, Ah… Daisy es mi gallo!!!

  7. quiero decir q me encanta bret, lo conoci por el tv, aunque no me gusta el rock , me parece un papasito, soy de colombia- medellin
    estoy enamorada papasito
    nunca me imgine q me gustaria un rockero

  8. ***************TE AMO****************
    ********II LOOFF IUU***********

  9. desde que conoci el programa nunca me lo perdi soy tu fan #1 eres un papacito aunque no entiendo como escogiste a amber y no a deisi pero en fin eres un papasito

  10. tanga nya po sa ,in english hes an idiot!!!

  11. eres de lo mejor cariño te quiero y sigue asi de buenote.paralante para tras ni para cojer inpulso,chaoooooooo.besosssss.cuidate

  12. eres de lo mejor cariño te quiero y sigue asi de buenote.paralante para tras ni para cojer inpulso,chaoooooooo.besosssss.cuidate sabes con tigo hasta el fin del mundo.

  13. Mi amor es usted un papasote hermoso, yo le aria temblar su mundo más que un terremoto!!! Ló malo que estoy comprometida jajajaja
    Escoje la mejor Bret, te mereces una mujer bella tanto en lo interior como en lo exterior y no olvides que ella será una imagen para tus hijas, te deseo lo mejor pero no nos hagas sufrir a las que solo vemos por tv rock of love, no beses tantooooooooooo que somos celosas.

  14. he estado biendo tu programa y me pareces que tienes un lado muy lindo talvez sera tu forma de ser o tu voz pero tengo un afecto por ti que no puedo explicar tel vez si algun dia viajas para colombia podria conocerte y descubrir que es lo que me llama la atencion de ti

    la verdad quisiera conocerte
    respecto a tu programa de conseguir novia de corazon te digo estas perdiendo tiempo
    bayyy te quiero

  15. hello! solo quiero decirte que te amo y que todo el tiempo pienso en ti hojala algun dia pueda conocerte en persona cuidate y que Dios te Bendiga I LOVE

  16. Hello. Great job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your total site. Thanks!

  17. I think you are REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i kmow a lot of my older friends that think you are hot to. I think you where hot even i posion

  18. Bret Michaels I am your biggest fan of all I have one your CDs and I really do love your music.

  19. hey boy, haha I’m your senior by 3 years. I saw you perform at the Medina Ballroom in Hamel, Mn. Truthfully, I didn’t know who you were until I saw “Rock Of Love”. I noticed that U had a bandana on the same as one of mine (the one w/the black border and a rose on each corner. So I thought this was a sign (lol) for me to check U out. I wore my bandana and harley boots. Yet I didn’t get close enough for U to notice my bandana. HAHA again! You were really, really great and I play my air guitar right along with U at one point. Orgasmic. So thank U so much for visiting Hamel, MN. Take care and my prayers are with U that the doc’s will take good care of U! ROCK ON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!Annie

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