New HEAVY METAL Animated Movie In the Works

March 14, 2008

A New HEAVY METAL Movie Is In Development
Source: Variety, Coming Soon

Paramount Pictures will make an animated film inspired by the ’70s sci-fi fantasy magazine Heavy Metal, with director David Fincher spearheading the project, reports Variety.

Heavy Metal will be stamped by the erotic and violent storylines and images that remain the trademark of a magazine that debuted in the U.S. in 1977. The magazine introduced the works of American artists and writers such as Robert Silverberg, Harlan Ellison and H.R. Giger.

The film will consist of eight or nine individual animated segments, each of which will be directed by a different director.

Fincher will direct one of the segments; Kevin Eastman, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” co-creator who is now owner and publisher of Heavy Metal, will direct another. So will Tim Miller, whose Blur Studios will handle the animation for what is being conceived as an R-rated, adult-themed feature. The studio will lock in the other directors shortly.

The magazine previously spawned a 1981 animated feature and 2000 sequel.



  1. ‘Heavy Metal’ (1981): Hand-Drawn Technology in Traditional Classical Animation movie – in other words: THE CULT.
    But ‘Heavy Metal’ (The Illustrated Adult Fantasy Art Magazine) is like Barbie: the great conception and start but the fatal consequences.

    Well, I always wanted but I never had a Barbie doll (and a teddy bear), but NOW I really appreciate my childhood behind the Iron Curtain and in ‘the State of War’.
    And I’m very interested to see what can come out of it.

  2. Very curious over here as well. xxx

  3. like ur site

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