Is A New WAR In SOUTH AMERICA Imminent? HUGO CHAVEZ Sends Troops to Border

March 4, 2008

VENEZUELA's Socialist President HUGO CHAVEZ

VENEZUELA's Socialist President HUGO CHAVEZ

Source: Yahoo.com

CARACAS, Venezuela – Hundreds of Venezuelan troops deployed for the Colombian border on Tuesday under orders from President Hugo Chavez, who is sending about 9,000 soldiers to the frontier.

Hundreds of troops were seen boarding four buses and eight trucks at the Paramaracay base in the central city of Valencia on Tuesday morning, headed for the border.

The Venezuelan military has been tightlipped about the movement of troops since Sunday, when Chavez ordered 10 battalions to the border, including tanks.

Chavez deployed troops in response to Colombia’s killing of a top rebel leader on Ecuadorean soil over the weekend. Ecuador has also sent troops to its border with Colombia, denouncing the military strike as a violation of its sovereignty.

Venezuela’s military currently has about 100,000 regular troops and a growing force of reservists that now totals 280,000, said Muller, who in retirement is vice president of Chavez’s socialist party.

Colombia’s U.S.-backed military has 255,000 regular troops and 62,000 reservists, according to the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies.


Lots of movement by the covertly declared Enemies of America with both Iran and Venezuela thumbing their noses at the United States and Russia and China playing along by blocking Western backed sanctions on nuclear weapons coveting Iran at the United Nations.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while on a visit to Iraq just yesterday commented ‘Nobody likes Americans’. While Venezuelan nutjob Hugo Chavez loves to drop the B-Bomb (spelled: B-U-S-H) anytime his popularity at home drops due to the crap state of their domestic affairs.

Iran and Venezuela are clearly in cahoots and see a weak spot in the belly of the ‘evil’ United States Dragon with their proximity and influence on the worlds oil reserves.

So what’s the big plan here people? Does ‘Our true enemy has yet to reveal himself’ sound familiar? Are Ahmadinejad and Chavez really just Pawns of Distraction for the Chinese or the re-emerging Russians? Will the Bush haters finally be happy in 20 or so odd years when World influence bubbles up from these two countries instead of the United States? Will World Peace truly stand a better chance?

Do you see a changed United States of America in the years to come with the weakening dollar, terrorist organizations who run rampant and refuse to have cookies and milk chats to discuss their feelings of hate of the U.S., and our reliance on oil forever jeoparadized by questionably motivated dictators of countries that flip us the finger just because they need someone to blame? That Great Satan Scapegoat Battlecry that everyone in the World (and even some of our own misplaced guilt ridden Americana crybabies) can rally around?

Can’t help but think what a cluster-fuck of a job the next President of the United States will face over the next four years.

Cast your vote wisely people.


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