‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Movie Update: 2009 Release Planned

February 27, 2008

JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Back On Track for 2009 Release
Source: Variety, ComingSoon.net

Now that the writers strike has been resolved, Warner Bros. is pushing ahead with its plans to make Justice League in time for a 2009 debut, reports Variety.

Writers Kieran and Michele Mulroney are busy polishing up the script, which is expected back at the studio in several weeks, and the cast has been advised to keep training for their superhero roles. Director George Miller is in pre-production in Australia.

Adam Brody, cast as the Flash, is the biggest star in the superhero lineup. Rapper Common nabbed the Green Lantern role; other roles went to lesser-known actors such as Armie Hammer Jr. (Batman) and Megan Gale (Wonder Woman).


Good news. CanNOT wait.



  1. […] In a February 2008 THRALL WORLD posting, GEORGE MILLER was reported as being involved with the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie and was planning a 2009 release. Then in an August 2008 THRALL WORLD posting the movie seemed unlikely with WARNER BROTHERS retooling their DC comic book movies after the success of THE DARK KNIGHT. […]

  2. […] a February 2008 THRALL WORLD posting, GEORGE MILLER was reported as being involved with the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie and was planning a 2009 […]

  3. Yeah i can’t wait

  4. What happened to Tom Welling in Justice League movie? Did kriptonite kill Tom Welling? Warner Brothers can kill a great thing! Wake up C.W. and Warner and smell the coffee!

  5. Why does Warner Bros. alway’s mess up things? Tom Welling should be Superman from now on. He proved himself by keeping Smallville running 9 years! Get Tom Welling or i won’t go and other fans either!

  6. Tom Welling might have to wear a hood or a mask in a few episodes of Smallville for season nine and ten if he wears the Superman uniform! To stop this problem Saturn girl or brainic and don’t forget Jor’el can use powers to make people think that Clark Kent and Superman don’t look alike! Now the glasses would work and Superman won’t have to wear a hood!

  7. Tom Welling could go down in the histoy books for having the longest T.V. show on Superman! No tights no flights? On season 9 we will see him fly. This will bring in even more new viewers to Smallville and the show could last a long time! What’s next after that? Maybe a Superman movie!

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